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From TheKnot.com the ultimate authority on Weddings -


What is the cost of an average wedding today? I've heard it's around $20,000. Is this off base?


Though it depends on where you live, that figure's really not that far off -- it's actually a little low. In a recent survey conducted by The Knot, it was revealed that the average wedding is now about $27,800. However, bear in mind that weddings cost more in large urban areas. This figure also includes those lucky brides and grooms who get $40,000-and-up weddings thrown for them, so that does slightly bring up the average.



The Wedding you've always dreamed of is now available at a fraction of the national cost.
The only sacrifice you'll make is Knot paying too much.

You could save enough to go on an extra special honeymoon.
Your could save enough to make a down payment on a house.
Or, you could just serve $20k of really expensive champagne.
It's your special day so it's totally up to you...

Reserve your Special Day TODAY!

Once we come to our senses, prices will have to go up.

A 50% deposit will reserve your special day for 1 year!
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